Perfume Glass Bottle

Perfume glass bottle

Aromapacking manufactures and supplies wholesale perfume glass bottles in a variety of colours, designs and sizes, ranging from 8ml to 500ml in capacity. We offer high quality perfume glass bottles that is arsenic-free and lead-free. In addition, these containers feature eco-glass UV protection. In addition, you may prefer a variety of closure options. We even have a three-piece perfume glass bottle set with a sprayer, stopper and lid.
Our company believes that perfume glass bottles with their high chemical resistance and transparency are the ideal component for high-end perfumes.
Would you like to order glass bottles in bulk? At Aromapacking, we are sure to be able to meet your production requirements. If you are looking for something not listed above and you can request a customised perfume glass bottle, please contact us today. We are more than happy to help and cooperate with you.

Perfume Glass Bottle

Cosmetic Supplier

Perfume Glass Bottle

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Perfume Glass Bottle Sizes

We offer wholesale perfume glass bottles in 8ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml and 50ml 100ml sizes. You are also welcome to order larger custom sizes when needed. Contact us for other custom sizes


Perfume Glass Bottle Colors

We manufacture clear and colored perfume glass bottles. clear designs include plain, crystal and decorative options. Colored designs include wholesale blue and black perfume glass bottles and more. 


Perfume Glass Bottle Shapes

Our perfume glass bottle shapes range from round to square, with unique shapes


Perfume Glass Bottle Caps

We offer a wide range of caps to meet the dispensing needs of different types of perfume products and brands. They include rollers with caps, sprayers and decorative perfume glass bottle caps. 


Perfume Glass Bottle Neck Dimensions

Aromapacking's perfume glass bottle has a minimized neck length to make spraying easier. However, the neck is large enough to accommodate the corresponding cap of our perfume glass bottle.

Glass Perfume Finish Options

Among the perfume glass bottle neck finish options, we offer screw-in and cap finishes. In terms of decorative finishes, we offer a variety of options including wholesale smooth, cracked, engraved and textured crystal perfume glass bottle.


Perfume Glass Bottle

Perfume Glass Bottle


First-Class Perfume Glass Bottles Factory

Aromapacking Glass Bottle Works is a cutting-edge facility that adheres to a strong sustainability policy. We use clean energy and produce 100% recycled glass to ensure that our environment is safe. Our factory is equipped with the latest equipment in the industry, including high precision IS machines. This allows us to manufacture all perfume glass bottles components in-house and ensure they are of the highest quality. All plant operations are conducted under the guidance of our professional glass bottle manufacturing experts. Each perfume glass bottle is carefully inspected prior to shipment to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. 


Fulfillment Of Custom Wholesale Perfume Glass Bottles

Do you need a Perfume glass bottle in a special color combination or shape? Or maybe you want a limited edition design for a branding campaign? Search no more. aromapacking is the right Perfume glass bottle manufacturer for the job. We offer beautiful Perfume glass bottles wholesale, complete with decorations and custom finishes. Feel free to show us your sketches and ideas, or develop new design concepts with the help of our Trend Lab team. We guarantee you professional service with a short turnaround time and a low starting order of only 1000 Perfume glass bottles.


Supply Wholesale Perfume Bottles Glass For Packaging Perfume

We are an all-inclusive Perfume glass bottle supplier. Our design catalog offers a wide variety of Perfume glass bottle designs, colors, and decorative and labeling options. You can choose from any of our stock designs or select a custom design. Custom Perfume glass bottles are ideal when you need to make your fragrance products stand out or meet unique customer needs such as travel size perfumes. Just tell us what you need for your Perfume glass bottle and we'll provide the right solution. 


Suppliers Of Perfume Glass Bottles From China
Aromapacking is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale empty perfume/perfume glass bottles in China. Our beautiful perfume glass bottles are environmentally friendly and UV protected, helping to maintain the quality of your fragrance products. We offer a variety of sizes and decorative finishes to provide a quality look for your products.

Enhance your brand image and grow your business with our affordable and unique wholesale perfume glass bottles. Contact us today and we can help you design your ideal perfume bottle from China. 

Wholesale Unique Perfume Glass Bottles At Aromapacking 
As one of the most trusted suppliers of perfume glass bottles in China, Aromapacking also accepts wholesale purchases for companies looking to cut costs. Our own perfume glass bottle factory has the capacity to produce nearly 5 million bottles per month. They are not only suitable for perfume products, but also for food and beverages. We have been producing a wide range of glass products for over 30 years, so we can guarantee the reliability of our perfume glass bottles, with the following advantages:

#1 More designs and bottle volume options
Aromapacking's perfume glass bottles are available in a wide range of designs, colours and shapes, from bottles with a flat surface to textured bottles. They range in size from 8ml to 500ml.

#2 Retains perfume fragrance for longer
Perfume glass bottles can properly hold the fragrance of a perfume because the glass does not react with the alcohol content of the perfume. As a result, they retain the fragrance of the perfume for a longer period of time, thus extending its shelf life.

#3 Customisable labels and decorative finishes
We can add your favourite decorative finishes and labels to your own perfume glass bottle using modern decorative techniques such as ice cracking and frosting. These techniques make your product stand out even more.

#4 Three piece perfume bottles available
In addition to the different closure options, we also offer three-piece perfume bottles with cap, spray and stopper. They are available in gold, chrome and matt colours.

Custom perfume glass bottle manufacturer
The bottles you use to package your perfume products will influence the way your customers perceive your products. Therefore, you need a trusted manufacturer and supplier of bespoke perfume packaging bottles to ensure that your perfume packaging will appeal to your target customers. Aromapacking can help you improve your branding strategy by providing you with elegant wholesale perfume oil bottles, perfume roller bottles and perfume spray bottles.

Clear perfume glass bottles are the most popular perfume glass bottles available today, but if you are looking for coloured perfume glass bottles, you can choose from our range of dyed gradient perfume glass bottles. Aromapacking is also a manufacturer and supplier of wholesale crystal perfume glass bottles and mini perfume glass bottles. They are available in 5ml, 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100 ml capacities in a wide range of shapes and textures.

We have highly polished clear bottles, bamboo bottles, stylish car perfume glass bottles, square perfume glass bottles with bows and much more. You can buy perfume glass bottles in bulk from Aromapacking to minimise your expenditure.

Why glass is the perfect material for glass perfume glass bottles?
Despite the increasing innovations in containers and bottles, glass remains the material of choice for perfume glass bottles. Due to the alcohol content of the perfume, perfume glass bottles can hold the fragrance liquid properly without contamination.The perfume glass bottle also retains the fragrance better for longer, extending the life of the perfume. perfume glass bottle use gives the product a premium look and gives it more value.
Enhance your brand with perfume glass bottle design
As the perfume glass bottle brings a premium look to your products, you can use this feature to increase brand awareness and value. Add a decorative finish to perfume glass bottles with decorative techniques such as frosting or ice cracking to make the product stand out. Add custom labels to perfume glass bottles and use colours to get the final look that correctly describes your brand to the market.
We supply caps and closures for perfume glass bottles
Choose from a wide range of caps and lids to complete the look of your perfume glass bottle. We have a three-piece perfume glass bottle set with a stopper, a sprayer and a lid to keep everything in one setting.
These sets are available in different colours in chrome, gold or matt finishes to add even more style to the perfume glass bottle. You can also fill your perfume glass bottle with specific colour combinations and designs.