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Glass Diffuser Bottles

Flameless Diffuser is a natural plant essential oil containing micro-oxygen that is volatilized through the air medium, releasing plant aroma molecules to freshen up our polluted environment indoors or in other limited spaces. Fireless Diffuser has become the first choice in many countries internationally for purifying air, improving environmental health, preventing diseases, enhancing physical fitness, regulating brain function and protecting olfactory function, and is becoming popular worldwide.
Diffuser Bottles

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Diffuser Bottles

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Glass diffuser bottle size 

We produce 50ml, 100ml, 110ml and 250ml glass bottle sizes. In addition, we can provide custom sizes for smaller or larger designs upon request.   

Glass diffuser bottle color

We manufacture clear and colored reed diffuser bottles. Color options include black, gray, pink and red. We recommend using colored glass diffuser bottles to scent photosensitive essential oils.

Glass diffuser bottle shape

Our design catalog includes round, sculpted, diamond and square glass diffuser bottles. Do you have a special diffuser bottle shape concept? Share it with us and we will make it for you.

Glass diffuser bottle cap

We manufacture reed diffuser bottles with caps. We also offer a wide range of other cap accessories, such as screw caps, cork and wooden caps.

Glass diffuser bottle neck size

Aromapacking glass diffuser bottles have a short neck to avoid evaporation of odors. We also offer different neck finishes to match various closure styles.

Glass Diffuser Finish Options

We offer clear glass diffuser bottles, but you can also choose     other finishes such as cracked, etched, lacquered or frosted glass reed diffuser bottles.

Diffuser Bottles

Diffuser Bottles


Common Glass Diffuser Bottles

The most common on the market is the use of some spray color glass aromatherapy bottles, black is the more popular color



Glass Diffuser Bottle Box Packaging

If you want to package your glass diffuser bottle and don't know what box to use at the moment, you can check our catalog



Round Bottom Glass Diffuser Bottle

Round bottom glass diffuser bottle, is a more popular shape on the market, if you do not know what to choose, this is the best choice


Amber Glass Diffuser Bottle

Amber glass diffuser bottle can well protect the liquid inside the bottle from UV rays, it is a good choice for the diffuser bottle


Glass Diffuser Bottle Suppliers Since 2008
For over 14 years, Aromapacking has been supplying high quality glass bottles and jars to customers worldwide. Because of this, it has become one of the leading suppliers of glass diffuser bottles in China. Our wholesale glass diffuser bottles are the perfect containers for perfumes, fragrances and essential oils. As they are made of glass, our glass diffuser containers effectively maintain the quality of the contents.

Our diffuser bottles are available in different designs and can be plated, engraved, colour-blasted or frosted. We also offer them in a wide range of colours, including clear, black, pink, blue, purple, amber and more. They are available with a variety of caps such as wooden caps, bamboo caps, plastic caps, metal caps, zinc caps etc. Aromapacking's wholesale glass diffuser bottles are also available in different shapes and sizes ranging from 30ml to 500ml.

If you need more information about glass diffuser bottles, please see our FAQ page or contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Wholesale glass diffuser bottles
With our 20,000 m2 factory, we are able to produce up to 5,000,000 glass containers in a month. Because of this, our bulk glass diffuser bottle prices are sure to fit your budget.
Our factory is equipped with modern manufacturing equipment, so we can guarantee that even our production speed does not compromise on quality. Other benefits you can enjoy when working with us include.


#1 Different designs available
We have a large collection of different designs of glass diffuser bottles that you can easily view in our menu. They all have unique specifications to ensure that they meet the different requirements of our customers.

In addition to our menu designs, we also have a team of design experts who can provide free design support if you want a special design for your glass diffuser bottle. Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


#2 Warehousing and logistics services
Roetell also offers warehousing and logistics services as we understand that some of our customers do not have enough space to store their stock. Our factory has a warehouse large enough to safely store our customers' products until the preferred delivery time.


#3 Strong customer support
We are always happy to help our customers with any queries they may have. If you need any further information or assistance with a product, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our after sales staff will get in touch with you immediately.

In addition, we want what's best for you.

Custom glass diffuser bottles
We encourage you to check out our catalogue to give you an idea of the glass diffuser bottles you want. If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you already have a glass bottle specification, don't worry!We also accept custom orders for wholesale diffuser bottles. Let us know what you need and we'll work with you to create the best wholesale glass diffuser bottles for your brand!

Why glass is the ideal material for glass diffuser bottles?
The aromatic contents are poured into a glass diffuser bottle. With glass as the material, almost zero chemical interactions occur. This ensures that strength and aroma are maintained. One can still benefit from the properties of the diffuser bottle without any worries.

Reuse is permitted. Due to its resistive properties, corrosion, chemicals and acids are also blocked. It can also withstand extreme temperatures. aromapacking guarantees its products to be lead-free, arsenic-free, with a low iron content and UV-protected.

Enhance your brand with glass diffuser bottle design
Aromapacking's designs add a decorative touch to the décor of any room. We also cater to your branding needs with a variety of services. aromapacking's quality glass finishes extend their durability for repeated use.We have many lids for you to choose from, wooden lids, iron lids, bamboo lids, zinc lids and more. It is made from high quality materials. Our diffuser bottles are also flawless and crystal clear. This allows the user to see the contents clearly.

We supply caps and closures for glass diffuser bottles
Aromapacking's caps and lids keep aromatherapy and essential oils in tip-top condition. We also stock a variety of colours and closure styles. Our glass diffuser lids are available in aluminium, metal, wooden lids, bamboo lids or matt finishes.

Aromapacking's glass is 100% recyclable. Even after repeated recycling processes, there is no reduction in quality or purity. In line with this, an estimated 80% of recycled glass containers are made into new glass bottles.