What are the advantages of cream jars?

What are the advantages of cream jars?

What are the advantages of cream jars?

High Quality
Frosted glass cosmetic cream jar with lid is made of high-grade glass and PP, ABS, durable, sturdy and safe. Non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly. Easy to clean, reuse and recycle.

Good sealing
The cream jar with inner liner and dome lid is well sealed, so you don't have to worry about cosmetic leakage. Due to the good sealing, it can also isolate the secondary contamination of cosmetics.

Wide range of applications
Lightweight and portable, suitable for DIY. for balms, creams, lip glosses, eye creams, salves, tinctures, cosmetics, essential oil aromatherapy blends, sunscreens, etc.

Beautiful design
Frosted surface, wide mouth design and natural wood lid make this cream jar more unique and beautiful. Convenient for storing insect repellents, specimens, nail designs, beads, sequins, and trinkets.

Many applications
Perfect for use in cosmetics, creams, clay masks, eye creams, blushes and other body skincare products and makeup.

Contact Us
We can customize the cream jar you want, if you need, you can send us an inquiry. We offer customization services, such as logo, process, outer packaging, etc. If you have any questions within 15 days after receiving our goods, you can contact.

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