The 3 best ways to fill lotion bottles

The 3 best ways to fill lotion bottles

The 3 best ways to fill lotion bottles
Many people want to know how to fill lotion bottles. Today, I'll show you 3 ways to fill lotion bottles using measuring cups, plastic bags or fillers, including dispensing bottles, small squeeze tubes and travel size bottles.

Method 1: Use a measuring cup and funnel.
1. Pour your lotion into a microwave safe measuring cup.
2. Place the measuring cup in the microwave oven and set the timer for 30 seconds.
3. Use a metal spoon to mix your lotion.
4. If you want to avoid spillage, place a funnel on top of the empty bottle.
5. Pour the lotion from the measuring cup into the bottle.
6. Once the bottle is filled to the neck, re-cap the lid or dispenser.

Method 2: Fill with plastic bags
1. Fill a plastic Ziploc bag or pastry bag with your lotion.
2. Cut off the very tip of the bag with scissors.
3. Insert the tip of the bag into the neck of the bottle to fill it.
4. If you want to put more inside, tap your lotion bottle on the table.
5. Close the cap when you reach the neck of the bottle.

Method 3: Use a filling machine
1. Buy the manual filling machine online.
2. Fill the main tank of the machine according to your instructions.
3. Place a bowl under the filling tip to catch any spillage.
4. Place the lotion bottle so that the fill tip is slightly inside the opening.
5. Use the pull-down lever to start and stop the flow of lotion.
6. Fill the bottle until it reaches the top.
Note: If you use a manual filling machine, be sure to clean it thoroughly according to the outlined instructions. Or it may grow mold.

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