How to refill the perfume bottle?

How to refill the perfume bottle?

How to refill the perfume bottle?
Knowing how to refill perfume bottles is a great skill for those who travel. Necessary tools: master perfume bottle, pliers, scissors, funnel or syringe, empty bottle, paper towel or thin cloth.

Step 1: Remove the cap of the perfume bottle and the sprayer
The first step in refilling a perfume bottle is to remove the cap. You can use pliers to remove the sprayer or nozzle from the bottle. Then swing the sprayer back and forth until the bottom of the sprayer is completely visible.

Step 2: Remove the base of the sprayer
There are two ways to remove the base of your sprayer. If your perfume bottle has a plastic base, take a pair of scissors and slide it under the plastic base and tear it off the glass bottle. If your perfume bottle has a metal base, take a pair of pliers and gently swing the metal base from left to right to loosen the metal base.

Step 3: Remove fine glass and spray bars
You can simply use a tissue to gently wipe the neck to avoid any glass getting into the perfume bottle.

Step 4: Transfer the perfume using a funnel or syringe
You can use a funnel or syringe to transfer the perfume into a new empty perfume bottle.

Step 5: Seal the bottle
If you have been able to avoid any breakage so far, the bottles can be sealed for use.

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