Glass Lotion Bottle

Glass Lotion Bottle
Aromapacking manufactures and supplies wholesale glass lotion bottles in a variety of colors and styles. They range in size from 10 ml to 500 ml and can be customized with a variety of hand pumps and stoppers to complete the bottle design. In addition, we offer leak-proof styles that are convenient and reusable for further use. Our company stands for excellent packaging, which is why we make glass the best material for your cosmetic brand. Not only because of the aesthetics, but also because of the material's durability, chemical-free nature and sustainability. As a result, all of our glass lotion bottles are perfect for cosmetic use. Name what you need and we're sure to have it.

Would you like to order in bulk? At Aromapacking, we're sure to have your production requirements covered. If you are looking for something not listed above, please contact us today. We would be happy to help and cooperate with you.
Glass Lotion Bottle

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Glass Lotion Bottle

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Glass Lotion Bottle Size

We manufacture bulk glass lotion bottles in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our sizes range from 15 ml to 150 ml and are designed to hold the right amount of lotion you need. If you don't have the size you need, contact us and we can customize it!

Glass Lotion Bottle Colors

We understand that different customers have different expectations and needs to be met. That's why we use different colors for our lotion bottles to meet your specific requirements. You're sure to find a color that resonates with your brand and overall aesthetic.

Glass lotion bottle cap

Our glass lotion bottles are designed with different caps to give you more options when looking for wholesale lotion bottles. Currently, we use stoppers and hand pumps designed for ease of use. 

Glass Lotion Bottle Decorations

Our company's decorations and labels are done by experienced designers who are dedicated to ensuring that your glass lotion bottles are visually appealing. They ensure that they understand the details of your design concept and present the final product that will capture the buyer's attention.

Glass Lotion Bottle Design

Our glass lotion bottles are designed in a variety of shapes and styles to provide you with a wide range of options. Some are smaller, others are taller, and are available in square and round shapes. 

Glass Lotion Bottle Process

Our glass lotion bottles can be made with many surface treatments, such as frosted effect, matte effect, color spraying, laser logo making, silk screen printing, hot stamping, electroplating, and many other effects, which can make the bottles shine.

Glass Lotion Bottle

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Solid Color Glass Lotion Bottle

We can make glass lotion bottles in many colors, and the color of spray color can be customized. In addition we can also make frosted process for you


Gradient Color Glass Lotion Bottle

Glass lotion bottle we can do some gradient effect, can be single-color gradient, two-color, three-color gradient are available


Different Sizes Of Glass Lotion Bottles

Our glass lotion bottles are commonly available in capacities of 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, and 200ml, and we can customize sizes larger and smaller than these capacities.


Various shapes of glass lotion bottles

Glass lotion bottles we can make in many shapes, in order to meet your various needs. If you have a special shape for your needs, feel free to contact us!

Wholesale glass lotion bottles
Aromapacking has a 20,000 square meter facility in China with all the resources needed to produce hundreds of thousands of glass lotion bottles. We are equipped with the latest production machinery that allows us to produce 5 million glass bottles in a single month.

In addition to this, ordering from Aromapacking offers you the following benefits.

#1 Design and Labeling Services
We have a team of design experts that can help you design your products and labels. We'll give you great ideas and advice to make sure your skincare packaging stands out!

We offer a variety of design processes such as decals and transfers, etching, frosting, crackle finishes and more. With all these options, you can be sure we can create the best decorations and labels for your wholesale cosmetic packaging!

#2 Free Samples
Before placing an order for wholesale glass cosmetic bottles, we encourage all customers to request a free sample first. We offer free samples to give you the opportunity to inspect our glass products first hand. This is also to assure you that all of our glass bottles and jars are made of the highest quality.

In addition, requesting a free sample gives you the opportunity to get more ideas on what you can still add to your packaging design.

#3 Comprehensive Quality Control
Following the manufacturing process, all of our glass containers are subjected to extensive quality control to ensure that only those containers that are perfectly manufactured are shipped. Each glass container is inspected for any defects, and if there are any, a full report is produced for them so that we can avoid such problems in the future.

Through our comprehensive quality control, we can guarantee the quality and reliability of your glass lotion bottles.

Bulk Custom Glass Lotion Bottles
Our glass lotion bottles are available in a variety of pre-made designs. We encourage you to check them out for inspiration for your wholesale empty glass lotion bottles. However, if the design you want is not available or you have other requirements, please contact us immediately. We accept custom orders for wholesale glass cosmetic containers, and we'll do our best to provide your business with the best packaging possible!
Why glass is the ideal material for glass lotion bottles?
Glass is a great material for lotion bottles, especially for bathroom counters and bedroom corner decorations. Not only does the glass material protect the product from internal and external contamination, it also reduces the chance of the lotion drying out. Glass lotion bottles also come in a variety of colors and designs, adding more color wherever they are placed. Glass is also a durable material, ensuring that glass lotion bottles will last a long time.

Enhance your brand with glass lotion bottle design
Using glass lotion bottles allows for more customization and design options for brand awareness. Move from plain round clear glass bottles to more modern designs, adding curves, textures and other design options. You can also experiment with labeling methods to make your products stand out in the marketplace. Creating custom designs based on the type of content can showcase the artistry of your brand, thus resonating with your target market.

We provide caps and closures for glass lotion bottles
Fill your glass lotion bottles with a variety of hand pumps and stoppers to complete the bottle design. Choose from a variety of pump and stopper designs, each available in chrome, gold or colored matte finishes. Each glass lotion bottle pump is carefully manufactured and designed to avoid clogging, using only the finest materials to maintain quality. The stopper fits snugly into the glass lotion bottle to avoid spillage during use. Our one-stop shop for all bottle cap, cap and color box needs.