2022, The Year of Glass

2022, The Year of Glass

The United Nations has declared 2022 to be the Year of Glass. In recognition of this material and its many uses and contributions to the world throughout history, this year will also serve to highlight the economical, scientific, environmental, and cultural importance of glass as a “transformative material for humanity”.
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A transformative material
When presenting glass as their chosen material for 2022, the United Nations General Assembly declared: “glass has accompanied humankind for centuries, enriching the quality of life of millions of people, as one of the most important, versatile and transformative materials of history”.

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The United Nations relies on the backing and support of more than a thousand organizations from more than 80 countries. These include universities, research centers, museums, scientific and art societies, glass manufacturers, and suppliers all over the world.

All of these organizations and among many others will be holding outreach activities throughout 2022, such as conferences, exhibitions, meetings, and talks in different formats in which they will raise awareness about the versatility and sustainability of glass. The planned activities will also serve as a way of drawing attention to the importance of glass in our daily lives.

Imagine, create and experience glass
At Aroma Packing, glass is the material in which we immerse ourselves to create new shapes, proposals, and designs where we are only limited by our imagination. For more than 5 years, the ductility, versatility, and care for the environment that material like glass provides us, has inspired us in our search for the most innovative and beautiful designs for our glass bottles.

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